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MaxMon shipping policy

Last modified: 16 March 2015


  1. You should receive your product within 2-3 working days of us receiving payment.
  2. For orders over £100 we will send you a tracking ID when your parcel has shipped so you can track its progress online. A signature is required on delivery. If you are out Royal Mail will leave you a card, giving you the option to rearrange delivery or collect from your local post office.
  3. If your purchase includes a pre-configured phone this may add an additional 2-3 days to your order delivery. You will still need to do some further configuration, for example connecting to a Wi-Fi network, but basic MaxMon functionality will work 'out of the box'.


  1. Please contact us for details.

MaxMon vouchers/discounts

Last modified: 06 March 2015

MaxMon UK may offer buyer "discounts", usually but not always via voucher (or coupon) codes entered during the checkout process of its online store. All discounts are subject to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Only one discount can be applied to a purchase.
  2. Buyers can only use a named discount once.
  3. Discounts will usually have a start and end date and may have additional restrictions, for example verified membership of an organisation.
  4. MaxMon UK reserves the right to cancel sales and refund payments where incorrect discounts have been applied (deliberately or accidentally).
  5. Contact us for the full terms and conditions associated with a given discount.

MaxMon repair/replace policy

Last modified: 12 November 2015

Your statutory consumer rights: When you buy goods from a business, in law you have a number of rights as a consumer. These include the right to claim a refund, replacement, repair and/or compensation where the goods are faulty or misdescribed. These statutory legal rights vary by region (of both buyer and seller) and over time (as laws change) so we do not try to describe them here. MaxMon complies with all statutory consumer rights (to which it is subject).

Our repair/replace policy:

  1. In addition to your statutory legal consumer rights, within one year of purchasing a MaxMon product we will repair/replace defective components free of charge. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the component back to us in good physical condition, using protective packaging and a tracked postal service. On receipt of the component we will ship the repaired or replaced component back to you free of charge. This policy covers defects arising during normal use of the product in protected, dry, indoor environments but excludes defects arising from accidental or environmental damage occurring outside normal usage - for example water damage, impact damage or short circuits when connecting to external equipment.
  2. If a MaxMon component fails more than one year after purchase please Contact us. We may be able to offer a charged repair/replace service that is less expensive than simply purchasing a replacement component.

MaxMon End User License Agreement

Last modified: 06 March 2015

Please read through all the following terms and conditions. They are brief, to the point and written in plain English.

  1. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions then you may not use the MaxMon product or service (aka the “product”).
  2. If you purchase or use the “product” then you are agreeing to be bound by all these terms and conditions.
  3. You may use the MaxMon “product” but you may not transfer or resell it to others.
  4. You may not reverse engineer, tamper with or otherwise modify the “product”.
  5. You may not use the “product” to violate other people’s legal rights (for example spying on other people). If you do, MaxMon UK will not be held liable for your actions.
  6. MaxMon UK makes no legal representation or warranty that the “product” is fit for purpose or free from defects (although we will be trying our hardest to make it work perfectly as we want to sell lots of them).
  7.  MaxMon UK will not be held responsible for any losses incurred to monitored properties, even if the losses could have been prevented by “product” reports or alerts, even if the “product” is defective.
  8. You use the “product” entirely at your own risk. MaxMon UK will not be held liable for any damage or loss resulting from its use. You must satisfy yourself that the “product” is installed and used in a safe manner.
  9. MaxMon UK provides free “product” support at its own discretion. There is no formal support for paid or unpaid versions of the “product”.
  10. These terms and conditions are subject to local national laws.