MaxMon's relay actuator enables you to switch battery-powered or low-voltage electrical devices on or off at your remote property (like lights, heaters, dehumidifiers or pumps) on a daily schedule, automatically in response to sensor alerts, or via our remote control web application. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting it working.


This page assumes you already have a Quatropus unit with external sensors connected to the Android phone and working with the MaxMon app. If not, please return to Getting started.


You'll also need an Actuator-R2 module plugged into the Quatropus and wired in series with the circuit you wish to control. The Actuator-R2 includes screw terminal blocks but not wires. It can control two circuits: the first from the two left-hand terminals (facing into the green terminal block), the second from the right-hand terminals.

SAFETY NOTE: be careful connecting to external circuits. Short-circuiting batteries or connecting to high voltages (e.g. mains power) could destroy the MaxMon system or cause a fire.


maxmon-settings-actuatorsEnsure that:

  • The Actuator-R2 module is plugged into the Quatropus, but NOT connected to any external circuits.
  • The Quatropus is connected to the Android phone and the MaxMon app can read one or more sensors plugged into the Quatropus (see Getting started with MaxMon).

Run the MaxMon app and go to "Settings> Actuators".

maxmon-settings-actuators-r2-1Relay actuators are automatically discovered by MaxMon, so you should see the two relay actuator circuits on the "Settings> Actuators" screen.

maxmon-settings-actuators-r2-2Touch one of the relay actuators (not its ON|OFF toggle button) to access its settings. You can give an actuator a more meaningful label here, such as "Cabin lights" or "Bilge pump".

Press "Save".

maxmon-settings-actuators-r2-3Touch an ON|OFF button to toggle its state to ON. You should hear an audible click as the relay opens or closes its circuit.

Congratulations! You can now control low-voltage circuits from anywhere in the world (see MaxMon remote control), for example switching on a noisy food mixer to startle your dozing cat out of its torpor and back to guard duty.

maxmon-settings-actuators-r2-4Furthermore, and this is where MaxMon enters a realm of capability all of its own, if you return to the "Settings> Actions" screen you will see that the newly added actuators now appear as ON|OFF actions.

So you can switch on a light, heater, bilge pump or dehumidifer in response to sensor alerts or scheduled tasks. You can even add actuator actions to sequences, for example switching on a light before taking a photo in response to a motion alert, then switching off the light a little later.

You're no longer just monitoring ... you're taking control!

maxmon-settings-actuators-r2-5For more information about actuators see Help: Actuators or, from the "Settings>Actuators" screen of MaxMon app, press MENU and select "Help".