You can run the MaxMon app on almost any low-cost Android phone on any network, but there are several good reasons to consider buying a pre-configured phone from us:

  • Convenience - we install, pre-configure and test the MaxMon app.
  • Unlocked - all phones supplied by MaxMon are unlocked, so they will work on any GSM mobile phone network.
  • Auto-REBOOT - we 'root' the phone, so it can reboot itself (*useful* for long-term reliability).
  • Auto-ON - (Samsung phones only) we install low-level software that automatically restarts the phone when power is restored after a prolonged outage.

We sell one model of pre-configured Android phone:

  • A mid-range phone with front and rear (5MP) camera, LED flash and plenty of storage.

Dual-camera phone (unlocked, auto-REBOOT & auto-ON)

Future-proof your MaxMon system with a front and rear camera (5MP), rear LED flash and lots of storage. With an unlocked phone you can use a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) or monthly SIM from any GSM mobile network that has signal at the site you wish to monitor. Included in this package:

  • Samsung Galaxy Fame (or equivalent*) Android phone.
  • A-grade refurbished and tested phone with original charger.
  • Pre-configured MaxMon app with special auto-ON and auto-REBOOT resilience features (not available on regular Android phones).

*We reserve the right to substitute an equivalent Samsung phone (but will contact you before doing so).

NOTE: When you buy a phone from us we buy it from a supplier, install and configure the MaxMon app (as detailed in our Getting started guides) and the auto-REBOOT and auto-ON software and ship it to you. This process can add 2-3 days to your order delivery. You will still need to do further configuration, for example connecting to a Wi-Fi network, but basic MaxMon functionality will work 'out of the box'. You must supply a valid email address with your order so we can send you important MaxMon configuration information.

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