Downloading and installing the free MaxMon app on an Android phone is quick and easy, if you've already followed the instructions in Configuring your Android phone.

IMPORTANT: Do not install or move the MaxMon app to the phone's SD card (from internal memory) in order to save space. Doing so will stop MaxMon working!

On the phone locate and run the "Play Store" app (the name changes but the icon is usually a white shopping bag with a triangle on it). Alternatively, browse to on the phone and click on the free MaxMon app link. If you 'complete this action' using the Play Store app you will be taken straight to the app page and can skip the search steps below.

If this is the first time you have accessed Google Play you have to accept their terms of service.

Uncheck the "Keep me up to date ..." checkbox.

Click on the magnifying glass search icon in the top right hand corner of Google's online store.

Search for MaxMon (search is not case-sensitive).

Select the MaxMon app whose icon is a grouchy-looking ginger tomcat monitoring a mouse hole, developed by MaxMon UK.

On the next page you can read about the MaxMon app (and check you are indeed looking at the right app).

Click "Download".

The next page presents you with a list of the permissions you need to grant the MaxMon app on the phone. These include things like being able to log data to phone storage, connect via the Internet, send SMS messages, etc.

Click "Accept & download".

If you are connected to the Internet the phone should now download the MaxMon app ...

... and install it.

To run the MaxMon app click on the "Open" button. You don't need to return to this screen to run MaxMon in future, as it is now listed amongst all the other apps on the phone.

HINT: if you press and hold on the phone home screen it will prompt you to add an icon. Add a shortcut to the MaxMon app.

At any time you can return to the MaxMon app page on Google Play by following this link from a web browser or this link from an Android device. If you find the MaxMon app useful we'd really appreciate you leaving us positive feedback there - it helps increase the visibility of our app.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll do our best to help.