To enable remote control of your MaxMon app there are a few things you need to do first (before you leave the phone behind at the remote location):

  • Internet - The Android phone running the MaxMon app must be connected to the Internet via either Wi-Fi or mobile data (see Configuring your Android phone).
  • Email - You must have configured a valid Google email address and password into the general settings of the MaxMon app (see Getting started with MaxMon) and you must have enabled email reports/alerts and configured one or more valid recipient email addresses.
    NOTE: Remote control responses are emailed to the recipient(s) configured in the MaxMon app - not back to the web application from which you send commands.
  • Remote control - In the general settings of the MaxMon app enable 'Email commands' and enter a secure passphrase (and record it in a safe place). You will be prompted for this passphrase when you send remote control commands to the MaxMon app from our web site.
  • Run mode - In order to respond to remote control commands the MaxMon app must be running in either MONITOR or ARMED mode - see Q: how do I arm/disarm the MaxMon app?. When the MaxMon app is 'running' you will see a small MaxMon icon in the notification area at the top of the screen.