Since version 1.3.13 the MaxMon app runs in CONFIG, MONITOR or ARMED mode. See the bottom of this article for earlier app versions.


To change modes toggle the 'Monitor' or 'Arm' buttons beneath the MaxMon graphic.


Change and inspect MaxMon app settings, check sensor readings and switch actuators on/off, but the MaxMon app is not connected to the network and will not perform any automated actions or respond to remote control commands. Useful when configuring the MaxMon app.


As CONFIG mode, but now the MaxMon app connects to the network, monitors and logs sensor readings, responds to remote control commands and performs basic automated actions like daily reports and reset tasks. Useful when you are at your remote monitored property and don't want MaxMon taking photos, turning lights on or off or activating sirens!

ARMED mode

maxmon-home-arm-delayAs MONITOR mode, but now MaxMon is fully operational: responding to remote control commands and sensor alerts and performing all enabled automatic actions. When this mode is selected there is a configurable countdown (see General settings) to give you time to exit your property before any automatic actions (like sirens) are enabled. Alternatively, you could leave MaxMon in MONITOR mode, exit your property and then use our remote control web app to set the app mode to ARMED. This is the mode in which MaxMon should spend most of its time - patiently monitoring your remote property.

The MaxMon app sends you a notification email (unless you disable this in the settings) every time you enter or leave ARMED mode, with ARMED or DISARMED in the subject line. The ARMED email confirms you have armed MaxMon and contains a link to our remote control web app, to remotely disarm MaxMon before entering your property. Similarly, the DISARMED email confirms MaxMon is disarmed (and entering your property will not set off a siren) and contains a link to arm it when you leave.

Earlier versions

Earlier versions of the MaxMon app effectively didn't have a MONITOR mode. Stopping or starting the MaxMon background service was equivalent to switching directly between CONFIG and ARMED modes, respectively. This made it harder to 'arm' and 'disarm' MaxMon without triggering alarm sirens or strobes (if installed), although the same effect can be achieved by setting longer alarm thresholds on motion sensors and delays on siren and strobe alert actions.