MaxMon can be used wherever you need remote monitoring and control, but here are some of its most popular applications. Follow the 'Read more...' links below for more details.

Origami house

Rental properties

Rental properties are vulnerable to weather damage, intruders, even the agencies who are meant to take care of them - especially when the property is unoccupied and remote from its owner. MaxMon provides an economic alternative to more expensive alarm or monitoring systems with the added benefit of being able to remotely control lights and heaters.
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Origami castle

Unoccupied homes

Holidays are fun, unless something awful happens to your house while you're away. So many home owners install alarm systems, usually connected to costly monitoring services. But most home owners hate their alarms. Your cat sets them off, you need a university degree to set them and they're often ignored. MaxMon provides a low-cost, stress-free alternative (or addition).

Origami boatnarrowboat-125x78

Boats in marinas

Berth holders already get a lot in return for their marina fees. Especially in winter, when boats are left unoccupied for long periods in darkness and less than clement weather conditions. Access-controlled gates, CCTV cameras, pontoon patrols and the presence of marina staff provide berth holders with reassurance that all is well with their boat. But MaxMon can now extend marina security and protection to the valuable interior of boats.


Caravans, mobile or motor homes

Mobile homes are particularly vulnerable to theft, vandalism and weather damage. Remote monitoring products do exist, mainly in the form of GPS trackers, but are limited to theft recovery and often require expensive subscriptions. MaxMon offers subscription-free remote monitoring of mobile home security and environment (power, temp, humidity, etc.).

Origami house + elderly person

Elderly relatives living alone

MaxMon installed in a elderly relative's kitchen can provide a low-cost reassurance that Granny is pottering about the kitchen, hasn't had a fall or gone for a wander and has remembered to put the heating on.

Origami car + plane

Planes, trains and automobiles

Well, maybe not trains, but if you have something valuable (like a glider, light aircraft or car) in storage, where there is Wi-Fi or cellular signal (and there are inexpensive ways to extend both to trailers, storage units or outbuildings) then why not use MaxMon to protect your hobby and investment?

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