Step 1 - Get an Android phone

You may have one lying around, or see our guide to Buying an Android phone. The kind of phone you need costs as little as £50 on pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and is free on monthly plans. Install our free MaxMon app on the phone and leave it at your property to remotely monitor mains power, location, motion (acceleration), sound and take remote photos.


Step 2 - Buy a Quatropus bundle

If you want to monitor more, or remotely control electrical devices, buy one of our Quatropus-T4 or Quatropus-T2 product bundles. These include an (optional) pre-configured Android phone, a Quatropus accessory that connects a wide range of additional sensors or actuators to the phone, your choice of any 4 (or 2) sensors or actuators, and cables ... everything you need to begin monitoring and controlling your remote property at a great bundle price!


Step 3 - Accessorize!

The Quatropus bundles usually have all the sensors, actuators and cables you need but, depending on your application, you may need a few more accessories like longer sensor extension cables or remote control power sockets or strips (for use with an Actuator-RF).


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