Caravans and mobile homes are very vulnerable to theft, vandalism and weather damage. Remote monitoring products do exist, mainly in the form of GPS trackers, but are limited to theft recovery and often require costly subscriptions. MaxMon is a new and affordable product that enables you to remotely monitor the security and condition of your mobile home using a low-cost Android phone and Quatropus accessory.

Low-cost remote security, monitoring and control

MaxMon's innovative idea is to transform low-cost Android phones (with an accessory called the Quatropus) into comprehensive remote property monitors. Hundreds of millions of these phones are sold every year so they are incredibly low-cost, yet include a wide range of built-in sensors and WiFi and cellular networking. Connect the MaxMon sensors you need to the Quatropus, and the Quatropus to the phone, and you have the world's most comprehensive and affordable remote monitoring system for caravans and mobile homes.


Detect and fix problems

Receive daily email or text reports on your mobile home's location, interior (passive infra-red) motion, door/windows, battery voltages, mains power, temperature and humidity, or immediate alerts to problems like intruders, power cuts, rising humidity or plummeting temperatures before damage is done - then do something about it by remotely switching on lights, heaters or dehumidifiers. Email yourself interior photos. Simulate occupancy by switching lights on and off. Enjoy the reassurance that all is well at your caravan or mobile home and save yourself the expense of intruder or weather damage, or travelling back and forth to check on it.

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