Detailed settings for multi-state sensors:

  • Status: enable or disable the sensor. 'Disabled' sensors do not appear in reports or alerts and disabling a sensor removes all its logged data.
  • Label: the sensor label that appears in email reports/alerts and on the sensor settings screen. You can change this to something more meaningful to your application.
  • Lab: a shorter sensor label for text (SMS) reports/alerts.
  • Alert condition(s): select the states in which the sensor will report an alert. Set to 'Disabled' to disable alerts for this sensor. Note that selecting all the sensor states is permitted, but puts the sensor in a permanent alert condition!
  • Transducer ID: unique sensor identifier (external sensors only).
  • Transducer port: the port to which the sensor is attached (external sensors only).
  • Save: save changes to the sensor settings (changes will NOT be saved unless you click this).
  • Cancel: discard changes and return to previous screen.
  • Defaults: restore sensor to default settings (no need to press Save).

Note that changes made to sensors may cause changes to dependent settings, e.g. disabling the alert condition will delete corresponding alerts.