Detailed settings for location sensors:

  • Status: enable or disable the sensor. 'Disabled' sensors do not appear in reports or alerts and disabling a sensor removes all its logged data.
    • NOTE: Most sensors only have 'Enabled' or 'Disabled' options but the more power-consuming phone sensors (Accelerometer, Location and Sound) have an additional 'Enabled (charging)' option, which means only use this sensor if the phone is charging. This prolongs the time the phone can run on battery during a power cut.
  • Label: the sensor label that appears in email reports/alerts and on the sensor settings screen. You can change this to something more meaningful to your application.
  • Lab: a shorter sensor label for text (SMS) reports/alerts.
  • Save: save changes to the sensor settings (changes will NOT be saved unless you click this).
  • Cancel: discard changes and return to previous screen.
  • Defaults: restore sensor to default settings (no need to press Save).

NOTE: MaxMon supports two location-based sensors, with default labels Location(LL) and Location(m). Location(LL) uses the Android location services to return latitude and longitude readings and the settings described here apply to it. Location(m) uses the Location(LL) readings to deduce distance from a 'home' location (which can be entered manually on the general settings screen or by long-pressing the Location(LL) value on the sensors screen). Location(m) supports numeric sensor settings. Both location sensors must be set to 'Enabled (charging)' to reduce phone battery consumption during power cuts.