This screen shows the on-phone and external sensors available to the MaxMon app. The readings of enabled sensors are updated every few seconds:

  • Two asterisks (**) denotes a sensor alert condition (see links below for how to configure sensor alert thresholds).
  • Green or red values denote normal (non-alert) or alert conditions respectively.
  • Question marks denote unknown sensor readings.
  • Grey rows denote unavailable or disconnected sensors.
  • Disabled (but present) sensors are shown with the value 'disabled'.

Touch a sensor to view/modify its settings:

Long-press an unavailable or disconnected (grey) sensor to delete it and its logged data. If you reconnect the sensor the MaxMon app will automatically rediscover it.

Press the phone MENU key to display a menu:

  • "Reset" - resets sensor values that accumulate over time, e.g. Motion(secs)
  • "Help" - display this online help page (you may be prompted to choose an Android browser)