You shouldn't normally need to use these diagnostic settings (if you need support we may ask you to use them) but some of them can still be useful.

  • Email test: if email is enabled (see General settings) you can test it by touching this setting. If you are connected to the Internet it will send a test email to your recipient email address(es).
  • Email support info: sends a (potentially quite large) email with attached support information to your recipient email address(es), which you can forward to us to help troubleshoot a problem.
  • Photo test (back camera): emails a test photo from the back camera (see Actions).
  • Photo test (front camera): emails a test photo from the front camera (see Actions). This option is not available if your phone does not have a front-facing camera.
  • Reboot test: tests whether the MaxMon app can reboot the phone. Requires either a 'rooted' phone or a USB-connected Quatropus accessory. See Q: How do I configure MaxMon for long-term reliability?
  • Clear cache: clears the MaxMon app's cache (cached report files, diagnostic logs and historical sensor data). Try this if the phone complains about lack of storage.
  • Generate test logs: generates a test set of random sensor readings. CAUTION: OVERRIDES EXISTING SENSOR LOGS.