Updating the firmware of a Quatropus accessory isn't something you do every day, but it's nothing to worry about (you will normally be doing it to add support for a new app version, sensor or actuator).

Before pressing "Continue" ensure that the Quatropus is connected to your phone and powered up, then follow the on-screen instructions. Try not to interrupt the process before it is complete. There are four progress indicators:

  • Resetting: the first stage in updating firmware involves resetting the Quatropus. If an automatic reset does not occur within a minute, or you see messages about bootloader timeouts, try performing a hard-reset (by disconnecting and reconnecting power to the Quatropus). Do not do this during the programming or verifying stages.
  • Programming: firmware is being copied from the phone to the Quatropus and programmed into its memory. Should show progress without pausing.
  • Verifying: firmware is copied to the Quatropus again and compared against what was previously programmed into its memory. If there is an error try starting again, or note down the details and refer to our support site. Again, this should show progress without pausing.
  • Rebooting: if all goes well the Quatropus resets again, this time running the new firmware. Back on the Update screen you should see the new firmware version.