This screen enables you manage the version of the MaxMon app running on the Android phone and the firmware running on an attached Quatropus accessory. It has different settings for Android (and the MaxMon app) and Quatropus accessories.


  • App version: which MaxMon app version is running on your phone. Android itself should prompt you to download and install new versions when they are available, but it you touch this setting it will take you directly to the latest app version on the Google Play Store.


  • Device: the type of accessory device connected to your phone (e.g. Quatropus v01c), its serial number and whether or not it is responding.
  • Bootloader version: the version of bootloader running on the accessory . This updates the firmware and cannot itself be updated. If 'Unknown' try removing and restoring power to the accessory (to force it to reboot).
  • Firmware version: the version of firmware running on the accessory . If incompatible with the current version of the MaxMon app it will indicate whether the app or the firmware requires updating.
  • Update firmware: touch to check online for updated firmware or to Program the new firmware into an attached accessory. When a new firmware version becomes available you would typically touch this setting once to download the new firmware, then a second time to program the firmware into an attached accessory.

The phone MENU has an Erase firmware option. This is intended for troubleshooting (in conjunction with MaxMon support) and will cause an attached accessory to stop functioning. It cannot erase the bootloader so you should always be able to reprogram the accessory.