This screen lists the devices available to the MaxMon app, and is where you go to check and update the MaxMon app version and the software running on Quatropus accessories (known as firmware). The first device listed is usually the Android phone itself, the second is an optional USB-connected Quatropus accessory.


The Android device shows the phone's name (manufacturer and model) and the currently installed version of the MaxMon app. Touching the Android device in the list takes you to the Android update screen, where you can update the MaxMon app.

Quatropus (USB)

  • If the Android setting 'USB Debugging' is not enabled (see Attaching your Quatropus) you will not see any USB-related devices in the list.
  • If 'USB Debugging' is enabled, but a Quatropus is not connected to the phone's USB charging port, you will see a greyed-out Unknown (USB) device.
  • If 'USB Debugging' is enabled and a Quatropus is connected you will see a Quatropus (USB) device and its current firmware version. Touch the device to go to its update screen, where you can update the Quatropus firmware.