Lists the actuators available to the MaxMon app (requires a Quatropus control unit with an actuator module). The screen is updated every few seconds:

  • Touch an ON/OFF toggle button to switch an actuator ON or OFF. The actuator state may change independently, e.g. in response to an alert or scheduled task.
  • See Remotely controlling power sockets for how to configure or 'train' remote-control power sockets.
  • Grey ON/OFF toggle buttons denote disabled actuators.
  • Grey labels denote unavailable or disconnected actuators.
  • Touch phone MENU to enable or disable all actuators in list.

Adding/removing actuators:

  • Actuators are not automatically discovered by MaxMon. If an external actuator module is present you should see a 'Actuators available (MENU to add)' message at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the phone MENU button and select 'Add'.
  • Select the desired actuator (see the documentation for the MaxMon actuator module) and press OK.
  • The actuator is added to the list, initially disabled (grey toggle button).
  • Long-press an actuator and select "Delete" to remove it.

Touch an actuator to view/modify its settings:

  • Status: enable or disable the actuator.
  • Label: the label that appears in the actuator list, actions and alerts. You can change this to something more meaningful to your application.
  • Short label: a shorter label for text (SMS) reports/alerts.
  • Transducer ID: unique actuator identifier.
  • Transducer port: the Quatropus port to which the actuator is attached.
  • Other: some actuators have additional settings (see Remotely controlling power sockets).