The Tasks tab is where you schedule the running of routine actions or sequences. It's similar to configuring wake-up alarms on your regular phone.

  • To add a new task, press MENU and select 'Add'. You will be taken to the settings screen for the new task.
  • To edit a task, touch the task to go to its setting screen (see below).
  • To delete a task, long-press the task and select 'Delete' from the resulting menu. You will be prompted to confirm deletion.

Task settings

  • Time - set the time of day to run the task action.
  • Repeat - the task can be set to repeat at the same time on specific days of the week.
  • Action - the action, or sequence of actions, to run for this task. Touching this setting brings up a merged list of actions and sequences.
  • Status - enable or disable the task. Disabled tasks do nothing.

A typical use of scheduled tasks is for reporting. The MaxMon app automatically adds default tasks for daily sensor reports, in the morning and evening, and a weekly sensor report on Friday evening.