The MaxMon app has lots of configuration options so you should get in the habit of referring to our comprehensive help pages. All our help pages are stored on the Internet so you can access them from:

*In both cases an Internet connection is required.

Viewing MaxMon help on PCs or tablets

Given the small size of screens on low-cost Android phones you may find it easier to view the MaxMon help from the larger screen of your personal computer or tablet.

Viewing help within the MaxMon app

Most MaxMon screens have a context-sensitive help menu option, accessed via the phone's MENU button (see Q: Where is the MENU button?) or the ≡ icon at the top of the screen. If a MaxMon screen does not have its own context-sensitive help use the phone's BACK button and look for help on its parent screen. Your Android phone must have a working Internet connection to access the online help.