Gliding (in Europe) is a fun summer activity, followed by months of anxiety as your glider grows mushrooms in a cold, damp trailer. Many glider owners install dehumidifiers in their trailers, but what happens if the power is interrupted? How effective is the dehumidifier? Who wants to trek out to a rainy, windswept airfield to check?

DIY remote monitoring and control

Conventional remote monitoring systems are expensive, but MaxMon's innovative use of low-cost Android phones (as remote monitoring devices) makes them affordable. Keep a remote eye on trailer power, temperature, humidity, motion, vibration, liquid levels and hatches from the comfort of your home. Track your trailer's location. Remotely switch heaters or dehumidifiers on or off. Receive daily reassurance that your glider is secure and snug and avoid the expense of repairing costly winter damage and driving back and forth to the airfield to check on your glider.

Getting started with MaxMon is easy

All you need to get started is our free MaxMon app running on a low-cost Android phone. Leave the phone on charge in your trailer and the MaxMon app will use the phone's built-in sensors to monitor mains power, location and vibration or acceleration, and email or text you reports or alerts via a mobile network (or Wi-Fi if available). You can even take remote photos!

Introducing the Quatropus


If you like that you can add remote monitoring of temperature, humidity, passive infra-red motion, liquid level and hatch - and remote control of heaters and dehumidifiers - by buying a Quatropus transducer bundle and plugging it in between the phone and its charger.

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