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Description: Quatropus with Android phone (and inventor)
Details: PNG, 750x750, transparent


Description: Quatropus2 with Android phone
Details: PNG, 1200x700, transparent


Description: Quatropus with Android phone
Details: PNG, 700x400, transparent


Description: Quatropus (w/ Santa hat)
Details: PNG, 550x268, transparent


Description: Quatropus
Details: PNG, 542x290, transparent


Description: Quatropus attached to two sensors and Android phone
Details: PNG, 986x531, transparent

Description: MaxMon email reports (motion during day, but none at night)
Details: PNG, 500x400, transparent

Description: MaxMon app for Android
Details: PNG, 240x320

Description: MaxMon email report viewed on a phone, showing summary and portion of first graphical plot
Details: PNG, 480x800

Description: MaxMon text report viewed on a phone
Details: PNG, 480x800

Description: Martin Lambert (Founder/Designer)
Details: PNG, 468x468, transparent