Reports are routine email or text (SMS) messages sent by the MaxMon app to the recipient(s) configured on the MaxMon general settings screen. Reports present logged sensor and actuator readings over configurable time periods in summary, graphical and tabular formats and are scheduled on the task settings screen. A typical reporting schedule would include one report (for the previous 24 hours) in the morning and another in the evening, repeating every day of the week. A report covering the previous week is also usually scheduled on the weekend.


Alerts are a special type of report, created and sent to the same recipient(s) when one or more sensor readings go above or below configured alert thresholds (as configured in the MaxMon sensor settings). Alerts are sent as soon as an alert condition is detected and may repeat if the alert condition persists. They are designed to provide timely notification of alert conditions at your remote property, such as intruders (motion), loss of AC mains power or freezing temperatures.

See MaxMon reports/alerts for more information.