The Quatropus has four sensor ports, numbered 1 to 4 from left to right when facing the ports with the MaxMon decal on top of the unit. Above each port are two LEDs. In most cases the left-hand LED is green and the right-hand LED is yellow (although in some Quatropus units these colours are reversed). Error conditions are shown using repeating Morse Codes . These LEDs are disabled in stealth mode (see General settings).

Right-hand LEDs (usually yellow, may be green*)

Port 1 - shows the status of the connection between the Quatropus and the phone:

  • Solid - all good (connected and communicating).
  • Dash-dash-dot (G) - Bluetooth connection established to Quatropus2.
  • Dash-dot-dash-dot (C) - USB connection established from Android to Quatropus1, but MaxMon app or service may not be running.
  • Dash-dot-dot-dot (B) - USB device connected to Quatropus1 (has said hello).
  • Dot-dash (A) - USB device connected to Quatropus1 (has not said hello).
  • Dash-dot-dot (D) - nothing is connected to the Quatropus.
  • Dot (E) or dot-dot-dash-dot (F) - error or hideous error (something is grievously wrong).

Port 2 - briefly used after Quatropus reset and during firmware programming:

  • Dot (E) - erasing or programming firmware (do not interrupt).
  • Dot-dash (A) - connected to phone, waiting for firmware response.

Left-hand LEDs (usually green, may be yellow*)

Shows sensor-specific status for each port:

  • Temperature/humidity - blinks when sensor is being read, solid if sensor error (try reconnecting sensor to Quatropus and/or Quatropus to power).
  • Motion (PIR) - on (green) when motion detected, off otherwise.

*In some Quatropus units the colours of the LEDs are reversed (left=yellow, right=green) but the left LEDs still refer to sensor status and the right LEDs to phone connectivity and firmware activity.