As described in Configuring your Android phone you must associate a new Google account with a MaxMon phone so that it can send email reports/alerts, receive commands from our remote control web application and install and update the MaxMon app. You configure this Google account in two places on the MaxMon phone: in Android and the MaxMon app.

New account

  1. Use a PC or tablet web browser to create a new Google account.
  2. On the MaxMon phone go to the Android "Accounts and sync" settings, touch the old Google account and hit the "Remove this account" button on the account screen.
  3. Follow our Google account instructions to associate the new Google account with Android.
  4. Enter the new address and password into the MaxMon app "Settings>General" screen.

New password

  1. Log into the Gmail account in a PC or tablet web browser and change the password from its account settings (lots of help online).
  2. On your MaxMon phone enter the new password into the MaxMon app's "Settings>General" screen. Check MaxMon can send emails using the new password by selecting "Email test" on the "Settings>Diagnostics" screen.
  3. You also have to change the password in Android. Run the Gmail app on the phone and it will fail to authenticate, using the old password, and prompt you for the new password. If you enter the new password you should be able to send/receive emails via the Gmail app.