There are two common causes of Android devices running out storage and here's how to fix them:

  • The most common cause is app auto-update, where installed apps automatically update themselves over the network. The Android phones typically used to run MaxMon don't need to run the latest version of Gmail or Google Play Books, so we highly recommended disabling app auto-update and uninstalling unused apps (or if this is not possible, to uninstall updates to unused apps, thereby shrinking them to their smallest versions).
  • The second most common cause is an Android system app called Google Play services. Every time you use the Google Play app (for example, when you install a MaxMon update) Google Play services gobbles up storage. Fortunately it's easy to recover that storage.

Uninstall unused apps

Search through the Android settings for "Manage Applications". This handy system app shows you all the apps on the phone (look for a "Sort by size" menu option). Touch each app you won't be using and either uninstall it or, if not possible, uninstall its updates. On some devices you can also do this from Android's storage-related settings. If your phone is 'rooted' you can also install Jumobile System app remover (root) and CAREFULLY remove unused system apps (contact MaxMon support for details).

Recover storage from Google Play services

As above, go to "Manage Applications" in the Android settings and locate Google Play services (if you "Sort by size" it's usually one of the largest apps). Touch the app to go to its detailed settings and clear its stored data. Do not confuse Google Play services with the Google Play app. The latter is a large app but it does not store much data.