We are asked this question fairly frequently, generally when new users are configuring the MaxMon app and testing out email from the "Settings > Diagnostics" menu. Here are the most common reasons why you might be unable to send email (and how to fix it):

1. Password

With the small screens on low-end Android phones it's easy to mistype the email address or password on the MaxMon "Settings > General" screen. In fact, this is the most common reason for support enquiries about MaxMon not being able to send email, so if you are experiencing email problems check the email address and re-enter the password.

You actually enter the email address and password twice, first when you configure the Android phone and again when you configure the MaxMon app. See Configuring your Android phone for how to use the Android Gmail app to check the email address and password and Getting started with MaxMon for how to configure MaxMon email settings.

2. Google account

As described in Configuring your Android phone and Q: How do I create a new Google account for MaxMon? you associate a new Gmail account with your MaxMon phone, so it can send you email reports and alerts. A great way of seeing what is going on with this Gmail account is to login to it from a PC or tablet web browser. This tests that you have the correct credentials and the emails in the account Inbox can often help you troubleshoot a problem.

For example, Google has recently taken to blocking some non-Gmail apps until you change a Gmail account setting to 'enable access for less secure apps'. But they send an email to the blocked accounts with details on how to change the setting (don't worry, MaxMon uses standard industry-strength SSL encryption to send/receive emails, and this is just Google marketing trying to get users to switch email clients).

See Q: How do I change my Google account and/or password? if email stopped working after changing your Google account and/or password.

3. Network

The Android phone must be connected to WiFi or mobile data to send emails. See Configuring your Android phone for how to enable WiFi and/or mobile data, and how to check whether you have a network connection by using the web browser or Gmail app on the phone.

4. Date/time

Check the Android date/time settings (see Configuring your Android phone) and make sure the phone is set to a reasonably accurate date/time. If the phone date/time is wildly off (say the wrong year) then it can be unable to validate the time-limited security certificates used to secure access to email servers. Android tends to vaguely report this as 'Unable to connect to the Internet' without explaining why, so check the date/time is reasonably up to date.

5. Gmail

MaxMon assume the use of Gmail accounts to send/receive email, so please don't try and use Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. Note that this restriction does not apply to the recipient email address, which can be any publicly accessible email address.