The MaxMon app and Quatropus2 are supported on Android versions 2.2 and above.

The older Quatropus1 accessory is supported on Android versions 2.2-4.2.1:

  • This isn't usually an issue because most MaxMon users use lower-cost Android phones to monitor and control their remote properties, which run older Android versions (typically 2.3.*).
  • To be on the safe side see Configuring your Android phone for how to disable automatic Android updates on your MaxMon phone.
  • If you have a spare phone running Android 4.2.2+ and want to use it with a Quatropus1 your options are to downgrade to an earlier version of Android or to install CyanogenMod (a popular community-developed version of Android). Both options are doable but technically involved and there is a slight risk of 'bricking' your phone.