• Simplicity - A monthly contract is more straightforward than topping-up a PAYG phone each month, and roughly comparable from a cost perspective (if you factor in the cost of the phone).
  • Cost - You can get significant savings by shopping around for ultra-low-cost PAYG options, especially if you only use MaxMon for a portion of the year (for example the winter).
  • Flexibility - PAYG is more flexible. If you want to change network you aren't committed to a 24-month contract, although you may need to pay to have your phone unlocked.
  • Failover - PAYG can provide a useful failover option from Wi-Fi. If mobile data is enabled on your phone and you have installed a PAYG SIM (with no credit) then if the Wi-Fi fails you can remotely 'top-up' your PAYG phone to activate the mobile data. Note: you will need to check with your mobile provider as to how long your PAYG SIM can remain inactive before it is permanently deactivated by the provider.

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