A recent UK survey found that almost half of the over-60s live alone, without relatives living nearby, and that half of the over-75s see relatives less than once a month. It's a worrying state of affairs, but it's reality. So if you have an elderly or vulnerable relative living alone, wouldn't you appreciate being able to check that they are comfortable and moving about their homes in their normal routine?

A novel use for an Android phone

Until now remote home monitoring has been expensive, but MaxMon's novel use of low-cost Android phones makes it affordable. Install our free app on a low-cost Android phone and leave the phone on charge in your elderly relative's kitchen, where it will monitor mains power and vibration (providing a useful shake-to-alert feature) and email or text you reports via Wi-Fi or a mobile network (for example alerting you to a power cut).


Plug one of our Quatropus units in between the phone and its charger to add remote monitoring of temperature, humidity, motion and more, and after a few days of viewing MaxMon's reports you'll be able to see at a glance that your elderly relative is moving about their kitchen in their normal routine, in a warm and dry home.

How does MaxMon differ from personal alarms?

Personal alarms (sometimes called pendants) are worn by vulnerable individuals, enabling them to summon assistance from a monitoring service at the press of a button. They are effective products and MaxMon is NOT a substitute for them. MaxMon provides a complementary approach.

MaxMonPersonal alarms
Does not require individual to wear a device or press a button (but they can only trigger an alert if they can reach and shake the Android phone). Individual must be willing to wear device and capable (in emergency) of pressing button.
Detects specific emergencies, such as prolonged lack of motion, power cuts or loss of heating, but not intended for other emergencies such as fire or illness. Provides immediate alerting to monitored service of any emergency, so long as the monitored individual is capable of responding to the emergency.
Regular reports on the mobility and comfort of the individual. Immediate alerts if sensor readings cross thresholds. Is no news always good news?
No monitoring service fees. Monthly monitoring service fees.

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