The MaxMon remote control actuator Actuator-RF is compatible with the following UK and European remote control power sockets and strips:

Please see below for more details. You can purchase them direct from us (see Accessories in our online shop) or from online retailers like Amazon. If you buy them from us, at the same time you buy a Quatropus bundle that includes an Actuator-RF and pre-configured phone, we'll pre-configure them to work with MaxMon out-of-the-box! Otherwise see Remotely controlling power sockets for step-by-step instructions on how to configure MaxMon to control these sockets.



Includes 3 x sockets and handheld remote. Maximum current/power per socket: 10A/2400W.

IMPORTANT: Supported sockets have the product codes 350.113UK or 350.115UK.

Download user manual.



Options include 4 x single sockets or a 4-socket strip (each socket is independently controllable), each with a handheld remote. Maximum current/power per single socket or strip: 13A/3000W.

IMPORTANT: Supported sockets have the product code ENER002 (the 4-socket strip has the code ENER010).

Download user manuals:



Includes 3 x sockets and handheld remote. Maximum current/power per socket: 4.35A/1000W.

IMPORTANT: Supported sockets have the product code RCS1000N.

Download user manual.

If there are other remote control power sockets or strips you would like see MaxMon support please contact us and we'll do our best to make it happen.