At the Southampton Boat Show we received lots of enquiries about accessories that would work well with MaxMon but we don't currently supply. So we've brought a bunch into our fiendish laboratories for testing. Right now we're just letting you know which accessories we're looking at but watch this space (or join our Mailing list) to see which make it into our online shop.

If you're interested in purchasing any of these accessories please Contact us.

Indoor siren/strobe

mini-siren-strobe-250x205This inexpensive 12V siren/strobe looks like a toy but generates an ear-splitting howl (rated at 110dB) and a red flashing strobe. It's deafening if mounted indoors in an enclosed space (like a garage or boat cabin) but it wouldn't be particularly audible or visible from outside - so we think it's more useful as a low-cost option for shocking and deterring intruders than attracting neighbours. There are reports of it working OK outdoors (if mounted with its siren hole facing downwards) but it doesn't look particularly weatherproof. Wire it in series with a 12V battery and our Actuator-R2 relay actuator. Est. price around £10.

Outdoor siren/strobe

ext-siren-strobe-250x240There are lots of conventional outdoor alarm boxes with sirens and strobes but they tend to be expensive and quite complicated to install (with lots of wires designed to run to conventional burglar alarm panels). So we're looking at more modern outdoor-rated siren/strobes that only require 12VDC power to be run to them (so they are applicable to boats and mobile homes), have built-in rechargeable battery backup (to defend against snipped wires) and can be activated wirelessly by our Actuator-RF from within a remote monitored property. Est. price around £60.

Magnetic pull-apart sensors

pull-apart-sensors-250x213Interesting alternatives to our recently added alarm loop (equipment tether) accessory, these magnetic pull-apart sensors work with a Sensor-C2 to detect/deter theft of equipment stored ouside a monitored property. The magnetic 'dock' component is permanently attached to the outdoors equipment while the 'probe' is permanently connected (by a generally fairly short cable) back to a Sensor-C2 inside the property. A magnet retains the 'probe' in the 'dock' until the equipment is moved and the sensor is pulled apart, triggering a Sensor-C2 alert. Est. price around £25 or £50-60 for a version with an armoured cable.

IP Cameras

ext-camera-250x250Yes, we are looking at integrating MaxMon with third party IP (networked) cameras, both inside and outside remote properties. Our experience so far is that these cameras work well alongside MaxMon (often sharing the same WiFi network at a remote property) but we're looking for simple and effective ways (a) to include still photos and short video clips from them in our reports/alerts (b) to use motion alerts from them to trigger MaxMon actions. But there are lots of these cameras available from lots of manufacturers and they vary widely in functionality, price (and power consumption) - so if you have any favourites please let us know!