MaxMon is a new and affordable product that uses a low-cost Android phone to monitor and control valuable remote properties: like rental or vacation properties (anywhere in the world), your own home (while you're away on holiday), boats in marinas or on moorings, caravans or mobile homes in storage or even elderly relatives living alone.


Passive IR motion
GPS location tracking
Digital photo alerts
Sound detection



Temp & humidity
Liquid level
Mains power
Battery voltage
Power consumption
Remote control

NO CALL CENTRES, NO MONTHLY SERVICE FEES*. By transforming low-cost Android phones (you may already have one spare) into powerful remote monitors MaxMon can offer twice the functionality of existing systems at half the price:

Maximum monitoring

No other product monitors so much for so little. Detect intruders or power cuts at your remote property. Check it hasn't gone anywhere, and if it has ... track it. Receive daily reports or immediate alerts about temperature, humidity, motion, doors, windows, liquid levels, battery health and much more.

Maximum control

Define your own alerts and take control. Email yourself remote photos. Remotely switch on and off dehumidifiers, heaters, pumps or lights. Temperature too low? Humidity too high? Basement or bilge flooding? Batteries flat? Detect problems immediately and do something about them!

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*Product may require a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) or monthly SIM if you do not have WiFi at your remote property.